“What is this ‘digital twin’ thing any way?”

Since posting about our digital twin business models recently, many people have asked “What the heck is this digital twin thing any way?” or even “How on earth can you make a claim like that?
Now I get really annoyed when people make huge claims for feeble ideas or methods. So I have held off claiming that our dynamic business models [DBMs] are “digital twins” for a long time.
But – the more examples I see, the more confident I am that I can make this claim. Why? Well, if done properly, a dynamic business model features:
  • items visible and measurable in the real world – not proxies or abstract items
  • actual time-series values on any of those items where data can be found or estimated
  • detailed, causal relationships that match the real world
  • calculated time-series values that match – with reasonable accuracy – those real-world values
  • … and all of this over time-scales and in time-units that are useful for operational and strategic planning and management

What more would you want a digital twin business model to do?

See our full range of courses on how these models work, how they are built (not difficult!), and how they are used to plan and manage any business initiative, challenge or strategy.

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