This blog on Twitter – and the Columbus theory of strategy!

Just set this up, so you can get a short [140 character] start to each post on your mobile etc. – if you find this or the blog useful, do tell your friends. BTW this reminds me of the Columbus theory of strategy.

It is widely believed that Columbus did not set out to find the New World, but to look for a new route to the East Indies. [Although there’s a suspicion from 1421: the year China discovered the world that he may have been aware of the new continent – but we can ignore that for the sake of a good insight]. Having found the New World, though, he and others did not ignore it, but set about exploiting it – and how.

The same can happen in strategy – we start out after one opportunity, but fall over another one instead. Twitter was promoted as a micro social networking service for consumers. I fell over it, though, when looking for something and found that corporates were using it for real business benefit, which is perhaps a better opportunity.

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