BCG’s Competing for Advantage

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The Global Advantage Diamond from BCG looks useful to diagnose competitive advantage in rapidly developing economies (RDEs). It maps four issues – market access, resource access, local adaptation and network coordination – to produce a diamond map relative strengths of you and competitors. From your starting position, you can identify where you need to get to on each dimension, and thus set strategic priorities. Local firms, it is claimed, are stronger on resource access and local coordination, while multinational challengers are ...

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What’s the use of strategy tools?

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On behalf of executives and consultants who really would like some useful approaches to strategy, I last week issued the following challenge to the Business School profs’ discussion lists – so far, just a handful of the thousands of recipients have responded, and no explanation offered as yet for the irrelevance of strategy research and teaching.


  • Business Policy and Strategy List [mailto:BPS-NET@AOMLISTS.PACE.EDU]
  • Management Education and Development Discussion [MG-ED-DV@AOMLISTS.PACE.EDU]

We had a great post in December from Richard Whittington [below], drawing attention to ...

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