The strategy profession

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Great to see SMS ask if there should be Certification in strategic management. I’ve raise before the need for this to be a truly professional discipline, so we can nail what should be expected of robust leadership of this critical role. A conference session will ask some intriguing questions:

  • Is there demand for such a credential? From whom? How large?
  • Is the knowledge base of the field sufficiently developed and established to offer a certificate?
  • What is the expected value-added?
  • Should different levels of ...
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Where was the strategic thinking?

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I’ve been posting on strategy in the downturn for a while now, but what makes me really angry is the strategic incompetence that led to this mess [search ‘incompetence’ for previous posts on this]. But now I’m puzzled – Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, Strategy+Business, Economist, etc, etc, are full of advice from strategy experts on how to survive the problem, so I wondered how much they warned folk before that this was likely to happen? .. and how much ...

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More from SMS on ‘dynamic capabilities’

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Just heard a keynote talk from Prof David Teece – father of the ‘dynamic capabilities’ concept. He has an outstanding record not only as a top strategy prof but also as entrepreneur and consultant … problem is no-one I spoke to could work out what exactly he means.

To summarise the idea [if I get it right?] – if ‘capabilities’ are our abilities to run things and build things as we are in the business and competitive environment we face today, ...

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