System dynamics transforms Coca-Cola brand planning

A great article by Ram Krishnamurthy, Group Director, Marketing Strategy & Insights at Coca-Cola + others … see more on Vittorio Raimondi and Dave Exelby who head the work. As Krishnamurthy says . “The benefits go beyond the forecasts … it is about enabling foresight – the ability to create plausible quantified scenarios and to provide sufficient clues on how to realize the chosen strategic path. Driven by the multinational perspective and informed by local marketing wisdom, the value of the approach is its ability to create goals that are realistic, shared, and grounded in consumer data. It is not about how the movie ends, but whether the movie is good enough to stimulate meaningful conversations for its audience – the Coca-Cola marketing community across the globe. This movie is about what future firms want for their brands and how to get there, helping create a shared vision that ultimately leads to improved clarity and confidence.”

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