Strategy in health-care

I see Booz Allen organised a Diabetes Thought Leader Roundtable Discussion, bringing together diverse groups to discuss this major healthcare challenge. Strategy for such societal issues is especially challenging vs. corporate cases precisely because of the multiple actors and agencies involved. An integrated model of how these all interact is essential if effective, coordinated policy is to be achieved …

… which is exactly what my friends Drew Jones and Jack Homer have done with Joyce Essien of Emory University, and Dara Murphy and Bobby Milstein, both of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More information on the model is available at the Sustainability Institute website.

A summary of the key structure capturing how people move between increasingly seriousness states in relation to diabetes is in chapter 6 of my book, and a detailed discussion is given in Jones, A.P., Homer, J.B., Murphy, D.L., Essien, J.D.K., Milstein, B. and Seville, D.A. (2006) Understanding diabetes population dynamics through simulation modeling and experimentation, American Journal of Public Health, 96(3), 488–494.

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