Strategy change dynamics

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My workshop with oil firm OMV‘s strategy team covered SD basics, plus new frameworks on strategy change. Slide-show content as follows:

Why Strategy Dynamics? 1min 08 sec
Principles of the method. 6min 47sec
Extensions to the frameworks. 32min 22sec
– staff pipeline example 35min 6sec
– equipment deterioration 39min 49sec
Strategic change 44min 54sec

My work to date has really focused on capturing the development and sustaining of focused businesses. Although I have long known how to extend it to issues of change and more complex organisations, I have not had time to document and demonstrate these extensions. This discussion with the strategy team at OMV, as part of a collaboration with Vienna University of Economics and Business Strategic Management group, was an opportunity to start organising the frameworks to deal with strategy change.

The situation described concerns pressures for change faced by big IT-outsource providers like EDS and CSC, and how such companies are migrating from a business handling clients’ IT hardware, software and staff to a model that provides business applications and business process services.

More to come on this as soon as I can get it done!

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