Strategic project mgmt worth $1.3bn

For construction contractors like Fluor Corp running major projects well is of strategic importance. So good to hear they saved over $1.3 in less than 3 years with intensive use of system dynamics by their project managers. The leaders of this transforming effort, Greg Lee and Ken Cooper, have been justly awarded for their success.  

It was not at all trivial to get these benefits – heavy input by their project mgmt experts, detailed modeling of how  projects actually work and get revised or blown off-course, then design of a powerful but usable control system that every project leader can use, and intensive training to embed it. Click here for their paper. [Any problems, it is also here.]

… but look at the benefits. So confident is Fluor in the system that they now work it through with their clients, not just as projects start, but also as changes arise. 

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