How to clarify adaptive capacity

There is a ton of academic stuff on this, but our dynamics terminology can be quite exact about it.

To “adapt” implies building specific resources and capabilities that previously did not exist. For example, a current client is trying to move from a hardware-sales focus to a “solution-provider”. They need to design solutions for distinct markets they serve (a solution = the hardware + control systems + ongoing support). Creating these solutions is a capability they currently do not have. Nor do they have the people (in sales, design, project mgmt) to start developing that capability.

We can specify not only the numbers of such people needed, but also the rate at which they can be hired or developed, the rate at which *they* can then build solutions, the numbers of potential customers those solutions can be sold to, the rate at which those potential customers can be developed, and thus how costs, sales and profits can grow over time – to get to a cash-flow forecast from this strategic initiative.

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