Generic architecture = rock-solid theory

Strategy Dynamics gives confidence because its standard architectures (systems of resources and performance) are utterly reliable. It is no surprise that we find the same factors linked in the same way in any sector … every retailer serves consumers with products through stores operated by staff. But rename or replace these items and you have an airline, a school or hospital. Same applies across service companies of many types, manufacturing firms, banking …

Of course important details must be got right and adapted to every case, but there are still those recognisable elements and structure. This gives us a robust “theory” for how any enterprise or sector actually functions. Theory = what causes what … and matters because only if we understand what causes what can we improve the design and management of each situation.

Any worthwhile theory must be General-Useful-True … apply to a wide class of issues, enable us to act, and be impossible to disprove. So the response to anyone challenging a well-constructed architecture and model that explains performance in any case is simple – “please show which factors and/or relationships in this model are untrue“, Until they can do that, we have the rock-solid theory on which strategy and policy can be developed.

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