2 thoughts on “Courses using Strategy Dynamics

  1. Hello, Kim. I have started using some of your materials in a “System Dynamics” course at Moscow State University in Russia.

    I may say that students are very interested in this new approach, though for some of them the material seems to be too complicated. I am working on simplifying it a bit.

  2. Good to hear of your plans Bayram – I do hope it goes well for you. Interesting that some of your students find it difficult – I don’t think we should be surprised, as I am aiming at high-level MBA students, and also aiming at the ‘big’ questions of strategy. The principles apply equally to simpler questions, so we probably need more simplified materials also.
    I know of someone teaching with the approach at undergraduate level, and he too has had to simplify things for his students.
    regards – Kim

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