Chief Performance Officer?

Nice simple observation from Tom Davenport on this idea, in particular asking if the new role might help end silo management.

Starting from the need to make knowledge management [KM] a core of some other function [e.g. HR] people on Tom’s events have suggested going further and linking KM to business processes to technology etc. Good principles, but three challenges to making it a reality- the concepts are abstract, the relationships unkown, and the list incomplete [what about capabilities, resources and finance?] .. precisely the challenge for which I hope strategy dynamics offers a way forward.

One thought on “Chief Performance Officer?

  1. I think the C..x..O roles, based upon x functional basis, promote ” silo management” behaviours.

    Trying to link KM to HR agenda means building upon the same silo structure. As KM has to be linked to Knowledge Strategy and to Corporate Strategy ( M Zack ), it needs to be strictly related to Business Performance.

    Strategy Dynamics therefore links Resources, Capabilities* and Management Decisions to Performance ( with a mathematical basis ), so I think it can be the best tool a Chief Performance Officer can have.

    * including Individual and Organizational Knowledge

    Cristian Fonseca
    Industrial Engineer
    Master in Strategic Management
    Buenos Aires

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