Chief Performance Officer?

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Nice simple observation from Tom Davenport on this idea, in particular asking if the new role might help end silo management.

Starting from the need to make knowledge management [KM] a core of some other function [e.g. HR] people on Tom’s events have suggested going further and linking KM to business processes to technology etc. Good principles, but three challenges to making it a reality- the concepts are abstract, the relationships unkown, and the list incomplete [what about capabilities, resources and finance?] .. precisely the challenge for which I hope strategy dynamics offers a way forward.

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  1. cjfonsecasormani  July 6, 2009

    I think the C..x..O roles, based upon x functional basis, promote ” silo management” behaviours.

    Trying to link KM to HR agenda means building upon the same silo structure. As KM has to be linked to Knowledge Strategy and to Corporate Strategy ( M Zack ), it needs to be strictly related to Business Performance.

    Strategy Dynamics therefore links Resources, Capabilities* and Management Decisions to Performance ( with a mathematical basis ), so I think it can be the best tool a Chief Performance Officer can have.

    * including Individual and Organizational Knowledge

    Cristian Fonseca
    Industrial Engineer
    Master in Strategic Management
    Buenos Aires


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