Business’s key role in climate change

Shocking to hear from a former strategy advisor to the UK Prime Minister that neither current nor future Governments are likely to do anything serious about climate change because most MPs ‘don’t believe’ in it. I’m reminded of an observation by Dennis Meadows – that the public have a long-term interest, but no resources to drive change, and politicians have the resources to act, but only a short-term focus on the next election. Only the business community has both the long-term concern and the resources to do something, and many are already doing so, in spite of positively obstructive government policies.

[ Incidentally, do not be surprised to see me comment on climate change as if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, extremely serious, and needs to be acted upon hard – which makes it a major issue for corporate strategy. (See other posts on sustainability, notably from MIT’s SLoan management Review.) Whilst politicians are happy to express strong views on issues they don’t understand, I only express views on issues I do understand sufficiently to comment. Most MPs lack even the basic scientific skill to have an informed opinion on climate change – and the same is likely true of most politicians in other countries. I accept entirely that some who have taken the trouble to investigate and understand the mechanisms at work may come to a different view, but the vast majority of people sufficiently competent to have an opinion are in clear agreement. ]

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