Better than HBR?

Harvard Business Review may be seen as the gold-standard for leading edge management thinking. But I am increasingly impressed by the quality of other journals. McKinsey Quarterly, of course, has long produced solid content based on work with major clients, or else on serious research from their Global Institute, and other big consulting firms do some of the same. Now, seems to me, Sloan Management Review is also putting out important, well-informed articles reflecting rigorous work, and strategy+business from Booz & Co does the same.

Meanwhile, HBR offers more and more articles featuring glib slogans or ‘X ways to do Y’ and other styles of  thin journalism. Some are downright dangerous! There are still some great exceptions of course, but I wonder if their crown is slipping. 

Anyone got other favourite sources?

3 thoughts on “Better than HBR?

  1. I also find myself using the McKinsey Quarterly and S+B more and more often. A very sharp friend remarked several years ago that he noticed a lowering of quality when HBR went to a monthly format, they are now less selective, and frankly, who has time to read a complex magazine every month ??

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