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Hello – I’m Kim Warren and I teach, write and advise on strategy, as well as creating strategy tools and learning material for others.

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Here’s what bothers me … Strategy is badly done with companies failing or falling way short of their potential. Strategy only talks about “positioning” and “business models” – things that should rarely change. It says nothing about what to do, and how to adjust as things change.Here’s what  we need … Focus on building performance over time – for businesses: strong, sustained growth of cash flow. It’s “the system” that performs – people, products, customers and capacity reinforcing each other and driving results… so design and manage the system.

The method, the tool and the learning…  Strategy dynamics creates living, quantified business models, linking decisions to how the business works and delivers performance. “Silico” is online software anyone can pick up in a few hours. Solid and substantial courses show how to use the method, with lots of examples.

A better approach to strategy

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