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Great opportunities from linking EA and dynamic business models, so I am pleased to announce a practice-and-research collaboration with Chinese Culture University of Taiwan into the opportunity for system dynamics to contribute to Enterprise Architecture (the mapping of organisational processes and capabilities as a platform for enterprise-wide information-systems planning – for more on the topic, see the Open Group, a network of global organisations collaborating on EA http://opengroup.org/subjectareas/enterprise).

Photo: Agreement signing

Professor Simon Lu with Kim Warren

A summary slide-show on the connection we will be exploring is at http://sdl.re/easdlink. A video of the announcement is at http://sdl.re/aEADlaunch. Segments of a lecture to an Enterprise Architecture conference in Taipei on the EA<>SD linkages are in a playlist at http://sdl.re/EASDvideos. Essentially, EA focuses on descriptive mapping of an organisation’s business processes, while SD builds working models of the system itself, on which those processes act – so combining the two should be both possible and valuable, especially to the IS/IT community.

I am delighted to be working with Professors Simon Lu and Min-Ren Yan and Dr Lesly Lin at CCU’s School of Continuing Education on this.

Enquiries to info@strategydynamics.com.


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